Sunday 14th February 2016
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Art - Sara Clark

9th January until 28th February - Barton on Humber, DN18 5JT - Tel: 01652 660380

Sara Clark won the Flourish Printmakers Award, which was established in 2009 by West Yorkshire Print Workshop in 2012 and second prize in the North Lincolnshire Print Open in the same year. She currently lectures at Hull
School of Art and her new group of coloured etchings can be seen in Gallery One throughout January and February. At The Ropewalk.

Art - Andi Dakin

9th January until 21st February - Barton on Humber, DN18 5JT - Tel: 01652 660380

Andi Dakin, who recently won the Selector’s Prize in this year’s Humber To The Wash, explores the similarities between microscopic life forms and the dramatic energies of the Infinite Universe using materials and processes that simulate frozen moments of invertebrate activity, which can also illustrate speculations of the birth and destruction of galaxies. At The Ropewalk.

Art - Easterlies II

14th January until 20th February - Grimsby, DN31 1NB - Details: 01427 470733

Abbey Walk Gallery’s final show Easterlies II. East Coast 7 Artists unwrap and respond to artefacts discovered in the N E Lincs Museum Collection.  Working in a variety of disciplines, from painting and printmaking to sculpture and photography, each artist has developed their responses in remarkably different ways.

Snowdrops 2016 - Brightwater Garden Centre

12th February until 28th February - The Garden House, Saxby, LN8 2DQ - 01673 878820

Snowdrops 2016 - Easton Walled Gardens

13th February until 21st February - Easton, Grantham, NG33 5BS - 01476 530063

Snowdrops 2016 - Little Ponton Hall

13th February until 14th February - Little Ponton, Grantham, NG33 5BS - 01400 281822

Country Markets - Alford

16th February - St Wilfrid’s Church Hall, Church Street, Alford

9.30am – 12 noon

Country Markets - Gainsborough

16th February - Friends Meeting House, 22 Market Street

9am – 12.30pm

Kids - Digitopia: A Dancing Digital Wonderland

16th February - Spalding, PE11 1SS - Tel: 01775 764777

Step inside a dancing digital wonderland this half-term! Dotty’s friend Hex is a simple two-dimensional line. One day he really wants to make a curve. With lots of effort he learns to bend, then multiply, and suddenly he can turn into anything he wants to, eventually popping into three dimensions.

Farmers Markets - Boston Farmers’ Market

17th February - Wide Bargate

9am – 3pm