Wednesday 3rd June 2020
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Preparation time:

Rhubarb sorbet
500g rhubarb
250ml water
200g sugar

Rhubarb sponge
50g rhubarb jam
300g ground almonds
300g butter
300g caster sugar
150g self-raising flour
4 eggs

Rhubarb crème brulée
200g rhubarb
200g caster sugar
4 egg yolks
2 tsp vanilla
500ml double cream

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Recipe by Mark Cheseldine

Mark Cheseldine from Washingborough Hall creates some light recipes for spring, sure to delight family and friends.

Rhubarb sorbet – place rhubarb, sugar and water in pan and bring to boil and simmer until rhubarb is soft. Place in food processor and blend until smooth. Churn in an ice cream machine until set and place in freezer.

Rhubarb crème brûlée – dice rhubarb and mix with 150g of the sugar, place on tray and bake for 5 min at 180C. Set aside, separate into 4 ramekins. Bring cream to boil with vanilla. Whisk yolks with remaining sugar, pour cream over yolk mix then pour into ramekins. Bake in a bain marie at 110C for 30 min until set. Place in fridge.

Rhubarb sponge – place caster sugar and butter in mixing bowl and beat until soft and pale, add eggs then almonds and flour. Fold in rhubarb jam and poppy seeds. Bake at 160C for 30 min in 4 suitable baking tins. Arrange ingredients on plate and serve.

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