Tuesday 14th July 2020
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Preparation time:

4 free range, organic fresh as possible eggs
White truffle oil
50g cream
20g butter, melted
Beef stock
Veal jus

Chive oil

Scalpel or very sharp knife

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Recipe by Sam Owen

This month’s recipe is from Sam Owen of Salted Orange Food Company, who provides the perfect dinner party recipes for friends and family.

Carefully score the top of the egg, as if you were removing the top of a dippy egg. Lift the ‘lid’ and remove the egg.

Repeat and steam the shell for 2 minutes to sterilise the inside.

Take the eggs, truffle, butter, salt and cream, whisk together and strain.

Pan fry the oxtail pieces until golden and place in a pressure cooker

Cover with beef stock and cook on full pressure for 1 hour.

Leave to de-pressurise and then remove the oxtail.

Peel the oxtail and remove any caps, season and combine with the veal jus.

Place a teaspoon of the oxtail meat and jus into the base of the egg shells, cover with the egg mix and then steam for 1.5 minutes remove and whisk the egg with a cocktail stick and cook for a further 30 seconds.

Serve in an egg cup immediately with a drop of chive oil.

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