Thursday 14th December 2017
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Words: William Gregory MRICS Golding Young and Mawer
Photography: Nick Tearle
Featured in the May 2017 issue

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The Lincolnshire Artists’ Society held the opening of their Spring Annual Exhibition at the Stable Studios in Doddington Hall Gardens on Friday 14th April. This was a new venue for the Society, who usually show at the Usher Art Gallery and the Sam Scorer in Lincoln.

The institution’s roots date back to 1906 and many notable Lincolnshire artists have been members of the Society and shown at the annual exhibitions. Golding Young & Mawer’s Fine Art auctions regularly include works by Tony Bartl, Herbert Rollett and Peter Brannan; all past members and exhibitors of the Society.

This year’s exhibition includes 113 works by 55 artists. The exhibition was opened by the current president of the Society, Mr Ian Walter. Various prizes were awarded and Golding Young & Mawer were honoured to award the landscape prize to Suzi Stevens, who also won the Gallery at St Martin’s award.

The exhibition continues at the Stable Studios until 14th May.

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