Friday 15th December 2017
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Lincolnshire Artists’ Society recently launched their Summer Exhibition at the Usher Gallery. Visitors can view 158 works in the show from sixty-nine members until 1st September. The exhibition is open from 10am to 4pm each day with last admission at 3.45pm.

As part of the Meet the Artists scheme, members will be chatting with the public about their work during the exhibition.


Henry, John, Sarah & Kate Ruddock
John Boden and Lesley Collins
Jenny & Doug Hammerton, Wendy Dabrowski, Terry Clarke and Lyn Lovitt
Chairman Artists’ Society Leszek Dabrowski and president Peter Moss
Philip Martinson, Simon Smith, Stephen Hodgkinson and Kate Wells
James Pinchbeck, Tim Saunders, Frances Kelly and Kevin Kelly
Charles & Tessa Hood, Judy & John Green
Katherine Armstrong-Short and Christine Armstrong
Ian Walter, Barbara Mcgill and John Roberts
Graham & Fiona Chester, Hilary & Ambrose Fowler
Nigel & Gilly Brown
Sarah & Toby Dennis, Jackie & Peter Strange
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