Friday 18th October 2019
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The Young Shots Day held at Riseholme College recently proved to be a total success with about forty youngsters enjoying the day and many more on the waiting list for the next one.

BASC were delighted with the success of the event which was the most subscribed to in five years. In addition to the various elements of shooting, the young people on the course were also given a taste of archery, hunting with birds of prey and even ferreting.

“It was great to see those youngsters learning while having a great time,” said Dave Carter, of Lincolnshire Sports. “We are also very grateful to all those volunteers who came along to help. The response was really remarkable and we are really looking forward to the next one.”


Focusing on the targets
BASC instructor at the Clays, Richard Carpenter
Landing the Harris Hawk, Sampson
Flying to hand
How to handle a ferret
BASC Falcon and Hawking Coach Norman Towe
Norman Towe with his ferret
Lincoln Archers finding our next Olympian
Target Air Rifle with BASC fire arms officer Alan Booth
Barry Grantham, Lincoln Salmon and Trout Association Fly Casting
BASC instructor Ed Smith giving instruction
Paul Zaitschnko, International Clay Shooter FITASC Class, Gary Taylor, Olympic Skeet Captain, Mick Taylor, Gary's dad and Sara Woods Paralympic Air Rifle
Iris May, hawk, Sampson, to hand
Targeting that clay with BASC coach Ed Smith from Stamford
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