Tuesday 18th May 2021
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Words: Caroline Bingham
Photography: Caroline Bingham
Featured in the August 2011 issue

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Retirement has given Joy Ellis time to fulfil a journey from floristry to fiction and Fenland has been the inspiration for her crime thrillers.

For anyone familiar with south Lincolnshire it is not difficult to identify the inspiration for the location of Joy’s ‘Greenborough’ police force. There are the 360 degree skies, the open flat fields and the inky black night skies but the urban action is gritty and uncompromising. Her heroine, Nikki Galena, is a tough detective inspector who carries her own baggage of personal troubles, as well as tackling sinister local crime.

Joy grew up and lived in Kent, trained in floristry in Mayfair and ran her own highly successful floristry business in Weybridge for many years. The 1990s recession led her to withdraw from that business and she followed her lifelong love of books, firstly by working for WH Smith until finally managing an independent bookshop in Leatherhead, Surrey.

“I really enjoyed working in bookshops. I liked organising events and signings and introducing people to new writers; my own interest has always been focused on mysteries,” Joy explained.

Joy’s writing career began after she attended a course, along with Sue Townsend, at the Skyros Institute in the mid-nineties. “I had written some short stories before then, but they lacked structure and the course taught me how to build and develop characters and storylines across a greater breadth.”

Just before the turn of the millennium, Joy suffered a fall which finally prompted her retirement. Her partner, Jacqueline, had also recently retired from a long and successful career with Surrey Police and they planned to find a new home in Norfolk. Following advice from a friend they explored across the border and fell under the spell of the Lincolnshire Fens, settling in a village just outside Boston. “We love the large skies, the miles of fields where we can walk our two Springer spaniels and the mists and perfumes that rise at different times of the day. We have made so many friends and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else now.”

Joy’s contentment is far removed from the storylines in her books; she knows that authenticity is vital in any crime thriller and she is able to draw on Jacqueline’s inside knowledge, to confirm procedures and the reality of tackling brutal crime and criminals in a modern police force.

Joy has written eleven books to date but her breakthrough only came five years ago when she was able to secure an agent and Robert Hale as her publisher. Writing is a time-intensive profession and accurate research and reading of drafts takes many months. It can then take up to another two years to actually have the printed book ready for sale. So it was in 2010 that her first hardback book, ‘Mask Wars’, appeared. A sequel, ‘Shadowbreaker’, will be published next month with a launch at her old bookshop in Leatherhead. Nikki Galena has to get the whole team on side to solve the crime and save her fragile career.

“Mask Wars has had some very positive reviews on Amazon and the crime writers website, Mystery Women,” Joy continued. “People locally, when I have held signings and been at events, have been so encouraging.

“I would rather write than promote my books but it is part of what you have to do to get your books sold these days.”

Joy has spotted a trend in fiction of topics crossing genre and has a work in progress that combines mystery with a twist of the paranormal. Time will tell if Joy is nurturing a bestseller.

Locally you can buy ‘Mask Wars’ from all good bookshops as well as the Stump and Fydell House in Boston and from Amazon online.

The books are also available by post from the Lincolnshire Shop at www.lincolnshirelife.co.uk

For further information about Joy Ellis and her writing visit: www.joyellis.info

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  1. Dr Linda Mitchell September 05, 2016

    Hi, Just to say Joy’s Fen series is excellent - seriously excellent. Downloaded a sample chapter because I’d never read anything of her’s before. I was intrigued by the covers and title. The characters are so good and the setting on the Fens is magical. I’m reading the second book now and I know I’ll download them all. Congratulations on such great writing. Dr Linda Mitchell

  2. Michael July 09, 2018

    I totally enjoyed reading her first novel Mask Wars and am on the second book of the series. While I was reading, I tried to picture what Nikki looked like but I noticed there appears to be no description beyond the introduction of her character. How old is she, how long on the force? With a young daughter I’m thinking somewhere around 35-40 years old. Also, she seems to be a little asexual. Hope she can find some love interest in her hard life.

  3. G Bel April 21, 2020

    Love the Galena stories, infact all the fen land stories. A born n bred Yellowbelly myself, your tales remind me of my childhood out in Hubberts Bridge on my dads farm. Recently introduced my partner to your series and she’s now hooked. Looking forward to whisking her away from our Yorkshire moors to view my childhood fens, especially the marshes.

    Looking forward to your next.


  4. Mark Melton May 26, 2020

    I am 71 and have read all the Fenland Crime series and they are all a captivating read.
    My father was born in Lincoln in 1923 (now deceased) and he lived in London most of his life but we kept in touch with an Aunt & Uncle in Lincoln during my childhood went to visit every 2 to 3 years and I spent hours and hours visiting the Lincoln Museum and singing with my 2 sisters at the British Legion whilst the elders played snooker.

    Your books bring it all back keep writing I have read all the NG as I am on my last book in J&E am intrigued to meet your Robbie Melton as it the same as mine and not a common name in the uk?

    Whats the next series?

    All the best   Mark Melton

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