Saturday 6th June 2020
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Gartenart Swimming Ponds are a perfect place for the whole family to cool off in summer while enjoying the natural abundance of wildlife.

Creating a wild, freshwater swimming pond at home is becoming increasingly popular among rural householders looking to enjoy a refreshing dip in natural water while appreciating the beauty of nature.

While conventional swimming pools use chemicals to kill micro-organisms in the water, swimming ponds are purified by natural processes. They are full of fresh living water with no chlorine, making them feel as fresh as taking a dip in a mountain lake.

A natural swimming pond also needs much less maintenance than a conventional pool, as there are no chemicals to manage and the water does not need to be drained for cleaning and repairs.

The quality of the water is the key to a successful natural swimming pool. It is circulated through a deep gravel bed, which helps to remove nutrients from the water with the cleaning work carried out organically by micro-organisms which exist together.

Making the most of nature
Apart from attracting an abundance of wildlife and beautiful insects, including swallows, dragonflies and butterflies, a swimming pond is a beautiful water feature which will enhance every garden, while also benefitting the environment.

A large proportion of a swimming pond’s space can be devoted to aquatic plants, making it as much a stunning garden feature as a pool which can be admired year round without the need to be covered at the end of summer.

Constantly alive and evolving, Gartenart Swimming Ponds are individually designed to change with the seasons, maturing over the years and allowing plants to grow and flourish in their natural habitat.

Water in the shallow areas of the swimming pond heats up quickly in the sun and can raise the natural temperature of the whole pond to 24 or 25°C in the summer.

Visually impactful, a swimming pond can be enjoyed all year around, even in winter your eye is drawn to appreciating the ever changing natural beauty.

No matter what the temperature is, it provides the ideal outdoor playground for children to explore and create new adventures together, while also offering a peaceful retreat to sit for a while and take in the best of what nature has to offer.

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