Saturday 24th August 2019
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Featured in the December 2016 issue

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The Norton Disney Horse Trials once again rounded off the eventing season for many with its usual feelgood factor.

After first doing their dressage and showjumping the outstanding cross country course designed and built by the British Eventing Gold course builder, Joe Weller, put horse and rider to the test in their respective sections.

Though largely grassroots, the well-established British Eventing (BE) Horse Trials has set itself apart as a distinguished event that is fondly known to many riders for its friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The event is run by Joe and Ali Weller and managed by the professional services of Addoastra, and is supported by Pentagon Mistubishi, Bloomfields Horseboxes, Bagforce, Tesco, The Lord Nelson of Winthorpe and several other local companies.

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