Saturday 6th June 2020
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Featured in the November 2018 issue

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Report on the Open Cold Game Working Test at Fenhouses on Sunday 16th September 2018. Twenty-four dogs competed in the test, in a first-class field of sugar beet at Fenhouses, by kind permission of the Laird Family.

Our judges for the day were Brian Barker and Phil Smithies, the Chief Steward was Keith Parker.

With a steady breeze, the scenting was excellent and the first round gave each dog the possibility of two marks. Each dog in the second round had a crossing marked retrieve, after which the judges made a cut to ten dogs. These dogs had two retrieves, each of which may have been a straight mark, a crossing mark or a blind behind.

After lunch four dogs went through to a run off in stubble, a 50m blind over a deep dyke.

1st - Buskettlawn Astrid LDR B handled by John Cardno*
2nd - Arkglass Taylor LDR D handled by Andy Slingsby**
3rd - Tildaross Byron LDR D handled by Chris Johnson
4th - Kendeci Severn LDR D handled by Chris Johnson
CoM - Lowsommer Allenton LDR D handled by Will Hales

* awarded the Ferndown Shield and the Springflight Trophy for the yellow with the most points in the awards.
** awarded the Sweep Parker Memorial Trophy for the highest placed Lincs Area member other than the winner and the Lintran Challenge Trophy for the best retrieve of the day other than the winner.

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