Monday 19th April 2021
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Featured in the October 2019 issue

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Osberton Estate, Worksop, Notts DN22 8JH. Wednesday 2nd – Sunday 6th October 2019

The Shire Horses are back at Osberton

Once the powerhouse of Britain, this now rare breed will be part of Osberton International Horse Trials 2019 in October.

These majestic creatures – the largest British draught-horse, standing over 17.2hh in height, and a mature stallion can weigh almost one tonne – started dying out because of mechanisation after the war, when there were huge changes in agriculture and industry.

Stuart Buntine, BEDE Events organiser, said: “At Osberton, people will be able to see the value of these wonderful, majestic animals, which are such an important part of our heritage.”

Heavy horses still play a significant role in the army, policing and equine therapy. Shire horses also feature in military pageantry and are the only horses able to carry the huge kettle drums used by the Household Cavalry.

As commercial logging becomes more in demand, especially in environmentally sensitive areas, the Shire horse is making a big difference.

On Saturday 5th there will be a Shire horse display and classes and on Sunday 6th, a ploughing competition.

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