Tuesday 15th October 2019
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Photography: Baron Halpenny
Featured in the July 2018 issue

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On what was a glorious weekend (19th-20th May) at Royal Air Force College, Cranwell, the annual Polo Tournament proved to be a thrilling two days.

Bramham Polo Academy won the Martyn Bebbington Memorial Trophy. The Hackett Army Team British Army Polo won the PMG Centennial Shield in league two and RAF Cranwell won the Polo Centennial Cup in league three.

There were some fantastic games to watch in the sunshine, whilst being kept enthralled by Col Simon Ledger’s legendary commentary.

RAF player Georgie Harwood rightly gained the Most Valuable Player (MVP). Special mention should also be made of Ed Forster’s pony O’Vera for winning Best Playing Pony in the final and Ed Whitechurch’s pony Morita, the Best Playing Pony in league two.

What a weekend – and with a Royal Wedding to celebrate as well, which the RAF Team members duly gave a toast to.

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