Tuesday 29th September 2020
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Sack Store Emporium,
Redstone Industrial Estate,
New Spalding Rpad, Boston PE21 8EA
Tel: 01205 310101

Featured in the September 2013 issue

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The Sack Store in Boston is every homeowner’s and diners dream, with traditional furniture, tiles and much more in their café/restaurant.

Walking through its array of fine furniture it would be easy to get distracted, which is what happened to me and my guest, although we eventually managed to pull ourselves away, towards the smell of lunch filling the building.

The Sack Store’s café is located upstairs and is tastefully decorated with furniture from the shop. It has a shabby chic feel to it, with bare wood, cream painted bricks and wood and the use of original features.

When we managed to make our way upstairs we were offered a choice of seating, the relaxing couches or a table and chairs. We opted for the latter as it gave us a chance to sneak a look at the furniture downstairs whilst we were eating.

When we sat down we were given a plate with homemade crusty bread and crisps with an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip, served on an espresso cup and saucer. As we’d chosen to dine slightly later, we chose to sample the starters. I opted for the traditional prawn cocktail. I think the prawn cocktail has made a comeback in recent years and this offering showed why. In a rich and creamy dressing, with crisp lettuce and cucumber, it was a prawn lover’s heaven. My guest chose the soup of the day, which was tomato and bacon with crispy croutons. As a fan of tomato soup I was allowed to try a little slurp. The tomatoes had a powerful summer flavour to them and the bacon added some bite. The croutons were also homemade and beautifully crispy.

The starters had filled a hole, but we eagerly awaited our main courses. The café had a wide selection of sandwiches and paninis and also a specials board with traditional offerings, including steak and ale pie. I chose a light option with a bacon and brie panini with side salad and homemade coleslaw. My guest opted for the chicken Ceasar salad. The bowl was piled high with a mix of salad leaves, cucumber, celery, tomatoes, parmesan cheese and a large chicken breast. The chefs had made the plates look appetising and delightful.

Whilst we were full after the first two courses, the smell of the homemade cakes was too much to resist and whilst I chose to have a couple of scoops of ice cream my guest chose to try the banoffee pie. With a thin layer of pastry topped with a layer of banana and a thick topping of toffee sauce this was every sugar lover’s paradise.

For a lunchtime stop, which will keep you entertained for hours, and possibly your bank balance a bit smaller, the Sack Store is definitely worth a visit.

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