Friday 24th May 2019
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It’s the delicious coffee and tea that keeps customers coming back for more! Stokes have been producing quality freshly roasted coffee and fine teas for more than 100 years.

It is this vast experience and knowledge of coffee and tea which has ensured that stokes is a leading figure in the catering and retail industries.

The company was established in 1902 when Robert William Stokes opened his first grocers shop. Coffee and Tea soon became Mr. Stokes’ passion and he began to specialize in tea blending and coffee roasting, for which he won many commercial competitions.

Much has changed since R.W Stokes first began trading, but the principles of the business have remained the same. Now the fourth generation of the family is proud to adhere to the founder’s original policies of: absolute freshness, quality service and value for money.

Recently, Stokes switched processes to the Loring Smart Roaster, after having roasted on their faithful old Whitmee for the last 50 years.The Loring Smart Roast is one of only three in the UK and uses 80% less natural gas as well as greatly reducing the amount of C02 emissions into the atmosphere, enabling Stokes to dramatically reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint…and the coffee tastes better than ever!