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Lincolnshire Life is a monthly magazine devoted to the history, culture and contemporary life of Lincolnshire, England. It is owned by an independent publishing company, County Life Ltd, which has its headquarters in Lincoln, England.

The county’s longest established journal, Lincolnshire Life was founded in 1961 as a quarterly publication. After two years it was appearing every two months, and within four years of its launch it had begun to appear monthly.

Lincolnshire Life was originally set up as “the magazine of county life past and present”. It sought to reflect the life and history of the county of Lincolnshire, and though some things have changed since the early 1960s the present-day make-up of the magazine is still true to those original aims.

In the twenty-first century the magazine boasts a high proportion of full-colour articles and a very high ratio of editorial to advertising. It features a lively monthly letters page, an extensive listings diary, a monthly page of book reviews, history, homes and gardens, gardening, features covering the arts, rural activities as well as fashion, motoring, antiques and restaurants. But the backbone of the magazine is made up of in-depth, one-off features which cover all aspects of life in Lincolnshire past and present.

Thus Lincolnshire Life follows in the footsteps of predecessors such as The Lincolnshire Magazine’ (1801), Old Lincolnshire’ (1883-5) and The Lincolnshire Poacher’ (1952-5). Indeed, the first issues of Lincolnshire Life bore the words incorporating The Lincolnshire Poacher’ on their cover, and the Poacher’s former editor, David Robinson (no relation) was county advisor and a contributor when Lincolnshire Life was first launched. He went on to edit the magazine and now acts as the journal’s editorial consultant.

In 2001 a quarterly A5 edition of the Lincolnshire Poacher was published as a companion to Lincolnshire Life. The Poacher publishes nostalgic stories and features derived from the last century as well as contributed poetry inspired by poets lives and experiences in the county

In 2012 Lincolnshire Life continues to go from strength to strength, with over 50,000 readers enjoying their favourite magazine in all four corners of the globe.

County Life Ltd is a family-run company and is headed by Caroline Bingham, who is the Chief Executive.

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