A story of loving art & antiques

As a boy I often dreamt excitingly of finding buried treasure and I was always extremely disillusioned when I realised it was just a fantasy and there wasn’t any. The dreams seemed very real, which is why the disappointment seemed so harsh (and the reason why my siblings often considered me grumpy in the mornings).
Like my dream, pursuing the love of antiques and arts, especially at auctions, is a bit like hoping you’ll find undiscovered treasure. It starts with the excitement of the initial viewing day and the magical moment when an item catches your eye and draws you in. Next step is to research of the object to determine its heritage, and hope that I’ll find the auction house valuation mistaken and I have discovered my hidden treasure. Then I draw up a short list of items I want to bid for, along with the amount I am prepared to pay. The moment actually arrives, “the auction day” – the bidding and watching who else is interested in ‘my’ pieces of treasure; there’s is nothing like it. I love the excitement and adrenalin rush of the chase and dislike the risk of being disappointed at not obtaining the prize that I’ve patiently waiting for.

Patience does pays off, especially when you see these specially selected pieces. Elysium Gallery’s partners believe they have an appreciation for beauty and quality, and an eye for discovering items of rarity, charm and often unusual characteristics. The gallery offers value, variety and distinction, but much more than this, you’ll find your dream in one of our items.

We hope you find the above pieces as wonderful as we do. If so, we look forward to seeing you in our gallery where much more treasure awaits you.

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