Dream Catcher campaign recognises inspirational women

Words by:
Joe Smith
Featured in:
April 2016

This month, Lincolnshire jeweller Katie Rudd is celebratng the county’s female talent by launching the Dream Catcher Campaign.
The year-long project will see Katie (22) make twelve pieces of bespoke, handmade jewellery in twelve months for twelve of the region’s most inspirational women.

Katie is the founder of Salt & Silver, a Cleethorpes-based jewellery business which has flourished since its formation in 2014, and wants to highlight the achievements of some of the area’s most talented women.

Each month, over the next year, Katie will create a bespoke, pure silver Dream Catcher necklace and present it to a featured inspirational lady as a symbol of their commitment to chasing their dreams.

“I wanted to show how young women from the area, through hard work and dedication, can achieve their goals,” said Katie. “These women had ambitions which they really wanted to go for and this campaign proves that anyone can make it.

“I want to show how a broad range of women, from fashion and design to dancing and modelling – things you wouldn’t necessarily think were attainable – have managed to achieve amazing things. It sounds cliché but anything is achievable with hard work and dedication.”

Katie’s campaign begins with professional ballet dancer Victoria Paine (21), whose lifelong commitment to ballet earned her a place at one of the country’s most prestigious institutions, London’s Central School of Ballet.

Her commitment in the capital – training six days per week for three years – eventually earned her a place performing in The Phantom of the Opera, a show with which she has been touring worldwide for the last two years.

“Vicky’s is the perfect example of what this campaign represents,” said Katie. “There are so many little girls wanting to be a prima ballerina or play for England or be a model. This shows that it is possible, that it’s not an alien world and that anyone can make it if they try hard enough.”

Katie’s dream is to see a world in which customers put more faith in longevity than ephemeral fashion trends.

“It’s about buying less, but buying better,” she said. “I want to make sustainable, eco-friendly jewellery that isn’t superficial but personal and meaningful to the individual.

“Everything’s made by my hands, in my home. It’s not just buying a piece of jewellery, it’s buying something to treasure forever.”

More information about The Dream Catcher Campaign can be found at www.saltandsilverjewellery.co.uk.

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