Specialist eye treatments at Martin Smith Opticians

Professional award-winning independent practice Martin Smith Opticians, based in Saltergate, Lincoln, has further expanded its specialist services for patients.

Following on from winning UK Practice of the Year, Optometrist of the Year, and Dispensing Optician of the Year in the AOP 2019 national awards, this professional practice – which is owned by Dr Martin Smith BSc DOptom DipTp(IP)Higher Cert Glauc MCOptom, one of the UK’s most highly qualified optometrists – is now offering the latest and newest treatments for dry eye.

Many of the specialist treatments offered by the practice are only available in a small number of locations in the country. Dry eye syndrome is extremely common and affects 80% of people at some point in their lifetime. Typical symptoms include excessive watering, sore/red or itchy eyes, a gritty sensation, an urge to rub the eyes, or tired eyes which feel worse throughout the day. Dr Martin Smith is an expert in this eye condition and is able to provide a dry eye consultation with treatment plan for £95 at the practice.

The dry eye specialist clinic at Martin Smith Opticians has now introduced the latest treatment for Meibomian gland dysfunction which is the most common cause of dry eye. Meibomian gland decongestion is a technique to open up blocked and obstructed Meibomian glands and the treatment is completed in one or two sessions. Dr Smith also performs IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment. IPL is also a new non-invasive treatment for dry eye and works to improve the gland function and reduces inflammation.

In most cases Meibomian gland decongestion, with Intense Pulsed Light treatment, is the gold standard therapy for dry eye and has outstanding results which can be completely life-changing for many people who suffer with this condition. Other dry eye treatments such as punctal plugs, and more traditional therapies such as lid hygiene, eye drops, and warm compresses are also available at the practice for mild cases.

Martin Smith Opticians is renowned for offering one of the most technologically advanced and comprehensive eye examinations. It is one of the first practices not only in the UK, but in the world, with a Zeiss Clarus 500, which can image up to 90% of the retina, compared to standard cameras in most optical practices which see only 15%. This can prevent loss of sight as retinal tears can be seen using the Clarus 500 which would not even be visible using other retinal cameras. The practice was also the first in the UK and one of only a very small number to introduce the revolutionary Paskal 3D sight testing, and the vast array of advanced technology includes Rodenstock DNEye2 scanning, Zeiss Cirrus HD OCT, and Zeiss Humphrey matrix field vision testing.

The clinical skills of the practice are equally matched by the high level of dispensing services provided by the award winning team at the practice. Experienced frame styling and lens guidance completes the expert service at Martin Smith Opticians as Jenn and Sue are two of the most experienced and highly qualified FBDO Dispensing Opticians in practice. Patients benefit from their extensive professional knowledge and guidance provided in the private dispensing room. The state-of-the-art Rodenstock Impressionist 4 mirror also enables accurate, safe and socially distanced measuring of the newest and advanced individualised lenses which the practice champions.

Martin Smith Opticians is one of the very first practices in the UK to receive accreditation from Hoya to dispense the UK launch of the revolutionary new MiYOSMART lenses for children. Hoya MiYOSMART lenses use cutting-edge technology to help manage the development of myopia (short-sightedness).

For most parents, the health and wellbeing of their children is their first concern, and in recent months home schooling has enabled parents to spend more time with their children, observing them whilst they complete schoolwork and do a variety of close-up tasks at home such as using digital devices, deskwork and reading.

Dr Martin Smith explains: “If you have noticed your child struggling to see clearly at a distance then your child may have myopia or short-sightedness. We are now pleased to have received accreditation to provide myopia management using MiYOSMART lenses to slow down the progress of myopia. This is ground-breaking technology which can change a child’s physiology and clinical trials on MiYOSMART showed that the progression of myopia was reduced by an average of 60%.”

The practice also boasts beautiful and inspiring frame styles including one of the largest ranges of Etnia Barcelona frames in the UK. Etnia is an independent eyewear brand from Barcelona creating stylish, colourful designs. Other premium brands at the practice include Porsche, Silhouette, Blackfin, Longchamp, Serengeti, and the wonderful petite range from Kliik in Denmark.

If you would like to book a comprehensive eye examination or consultation at Martin Smith Opticians call 01522 521100
Email: hello@martinsmithopticians.co.uk

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