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August 2011

With the arrival of the Jazz Hybrid Honda now has three new Hybrid models in their range, all of which offer key benefits over their rivals.
The Honda Hybrid powerplant is a relatively simple system which lowers the cost of motoring and reduces the impact on the environment considerably. The great news for owners is that apart from the savings you would not know it was any different to a conventional car, there’s no need to plug the car in and no limiting range, just a conventional drive, but with added benefits.

Both hybrid and diesel cars achieve very similar CO2 emissions and average fuel economy figures however one of the key benefits of a hybrid, is that it achieves its efficiency using cheaper unleaded fuel and produces considerably less Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and particulate pollution. Current tax legislation only focuses on CO2 emissions, however it is expected that within the next two years Nitrogen Oxide will also become a factor, especially where a company car driver’s Benefit in Kind Tax is concerned.

Despite huge improvements with modern diesel engines, hybrid cars are still much quieter and the CVT gearbox offers ultra smooth gear changes. Performance is not compromised either, with the petrol engine and batteries working together to maximise responsiveness when required. Test drive a Jazz Hybrid today and you will experience first hand how hybrid technology can be incorporated into a car and fit perfectly.

The Jazz is the world’s first hybrid supermini. Don’t for one moment think that any of the Jazz’s practicality has been compromised with the arrival of the Hybrid powertrain. It remains a class leading supermini, offering levels of refinement and equipment often associated with much larger cars.

The majority of hybrids use automatic transmissions, which marry up the power from the electric motor and engine to best effect. Honda
rewrote the rulebook in 2010 with the arrival of the CR-Z coupe. This uses a conventional six-speed manual gearbox.

The CR-Z, a Hybrid Sports Coupé, has found many friends since its arrival. Drivers are surprised by the performance on offer along with the economy, and they love the 3-mode driving system and the sporty feel.

The revised Insight completes the Honda range. This 5-door hatchback really does offer a practical solution to everyday motoring needs while keeping the cost of running a car extremely low.

1999 saw the world’s first production hybrid vehicle, the original Honda Insight. It cost £17,995 and cost Honda £35,000 to produce. Today you can buy a Hybrid Jazz for £15,995 which uses proven technology, allowing you to benefit from lower motoring costs.

I challenge you to test drive a Jazz, Insight or CR-Z and experience modern hybrid technology for yourself.

The Honda hybrid range of cars is available to test drive at Boston Honda, Grantham Honda, Lincoln Honda, Retford Honda and Mansfield Honda.

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