Enjoying your day…

Words by:
Sarah Payne, Sheepgate
Featured in:
July 2012

Summer is upon us and despite the heavy rainfall that we have experienced so far and the cancellation of some well-known competitions the summer show organisers are doing their very best to continue as normal.
So how do you ensure you enjoy your day? The power of the mind is an amazing thing and often our preparations don’t always go to plan. It is important that you remain focused on your aim and try to avoid being distracted by anything that may shadow your efforts.

The ‘to do’ list must be written in plenty of time before your day out, so that you know exactly what you need with you at the show. It is always a good idea to make plans for the countdown to the show. Be sure to plan on giving your horse his wash and giving your tack an extra thorough clean; not forgetting your own equipment, clean boots, clean breeches, a suitable jacket, either tweed or navy or black depending on the discipline. What else do you need to prepare? Do you need to learn a dressage test, practice riding a course of fences, or performing your individual show? Is your horse familiar with travelling to a show or is this a new experience for him? Try and be prepared for every eventuality and allow plenty of extra time for your arrival to allow for any hiccups that may crop up along the way.

It is very tempting to try too hard. Things might then not go totally to plan and the stress levels will start to rise unnecessarily. Does this sound familiar? Keep reminding yourself of the purpose of the day: for you to enjoy riding your horse at a show. You might be aiming for your own personal goal or maybe an achievement for your horse. Whatever your aims and ambitions, keep going; with time, patience and dedication you will get there. Good luck!

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