Equestrian Life – February 2014

Words by:
Felix Bartlett
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February 2014

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The Brocklesby Hunt met at the Point-to-Point course of Lord Yarborough’s Brocklesby estate where a large crowd gathered to enjoy the horses and hounds.

Intro A – Junior Section
1st – Abby Miller – Jinnie 60%
2nd – Alicia Jepson – Robbie 59.56%
3rd – Ebony Bell – Bob 58.69%
4th – Alice Bell – Saffy 55.65% (56 Collective Marks)
5th – Caitlyn O’Brian – Skye 55.65% (54 Collective Marks)
6th – Milly Stuart – Katie 55.21%

Intro A – Senior Section
1st – Chloe King – Buzz 63.04%
2nd – Sarah Fallowell – Danny 61.80%
3rd – Emma Baker – Yogi 61.73%
4th – Di Marchin – Cadburys Dream 53.47%

Prelim 1 – Junior Section
1st – Jess Guyver – Oskar 66.84%
2nd – Dannie Cooper – Annie 64.78%
=3rd – Alicia Jepson – Robbie 59.47%
=3rd – Demi Coy – Charlie 59.47%
4th – Grace Caruthers – Oliver 58.42%
5th – Gabby Redhead – Puzzle 55.78%
6th – Alice Bell – Saffy 50%

Prelim 1 – Senior Section
1st – Emma Baker – Yogi 62.10%
2nd – Sarah Fallowell – Danny 61.57%
3rd – Laura Cross – On The Rox 60%
4th – Holly Hearn – Solo 55.78%
5th – Di Marchin – Cadburys Dream 54.21%

Prelim 18 – Junior Section
1st – Dannie Cooper – Annie 65%
2nd – Jess Guyver – Oskar 61.25%
3rd – Demi Coy – Charlie 59.16%

Prelim 18 – Senior Section
1st – Sarah May – Captain 65%
2nd – Jenna King – Belle 62.08%
3rd – Laura Cross – On The Rox 61.25%
4th – Michelle Honess – Foxy 58.33%

Novice 28
1st – Sarah May – Captain 63.33%
2nd – Michelle Honess – Foxy 56.25%

Continuing with some further principles of Pilates: centring, co-ordination, flowing movements and stamina.

This is often referred to as ‘zipping up and hollowing’ or ‘scooping’ and focuses on the connection of our power house. It involves finding those abdominal muscles and being able to connect them as well as the pelvic floor.

As you breathe out imagine you are drawing your hip bones closer together (don’t panic, they won’t actually move), you should feel a contraction of your abdominals as if you are drawing your belly button towards your spine.

At the same time, think about how you try and stop yourself from having a wee, the ‘sling’ of muscles from your coccyx to your pubic bone is your pelvic floor – ladies have three exits, men have two – close those exits. These two connections will create a powerful centre to allow you to then move your body with greater precision and control.

So taking it step by step, can you align your body, remember your breathing and keep the connection of your centre to co-ordinate the movements you are making during your Pilates practice?

Flowing Movements
Are you in control? Can you move in a fluid and easy way while maintaining the connection throughout the entire movement? Avoid any sudden or uncoordinated moves.

The exercises used in Pilates start with the basic level, to secure your foundations, and then you are able to progress as your body allows to the more challenging stages. If you try the more difficult exercises too soon you are likely to recruit the wrong muscles, as the body has an amazing way of helping out when it is needed – but it isn’t always the right parts that join in during times of need. Your stamina will develop as your foundations are confirmed and the challenges of the more difficult exercises will be within reach.

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