How the all-new Mitsubishi L200 Series 5 defines the next generation of pick-up trucks

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October 2015

Pick-up trucks are fundamental to Mitsubishi Motors. In the UK their legacy extends through four model generations and 33 years. The Mitsubishi trophy room shows the current L200 Series 4 has won more awards than all of its rivals put together. Since its UK launch in 2006, the current L200 Series 4 has outsold all other pick-ups.
The new L200 Series 5 inherits the DNA of its predecessors and further advances the pick-up concept. It is an entirely new vehicle from the ground up, with significant improvements in 330 areas. The result is the ultimate vehicle for commercial duty, combined with SUV-like refinement in quality and dynamic performance. In all key areas the new L200 Series 5 is best-in-class.

The L200 Series 5 driving experience is a generation ahead of any other pick-up on the market. It is as competent climbing up a mountain or navigating a building site, as it is comfortable on a motorway or around city streets. The vehicle retains the marque’s reputation for ruggedness and durability, and continues to have the best 4WD system. It is the only pick-up that can be driven permanently in 2WD and 4WD on tarmac and off-road.

The new L200 Series 5 provides outstanding cabin comfort and ride. The vehicle has class leading leg room. Mitsubishi’s unique ‘J’ curve body design between cabin and cargo area is not just for visual styling. It allows for a 25 degree recline in the rear seats, making for a comfortable 4 or 5-passenger ‘long journey’ space. Interior width has also increased, as have the sizes of the driver and front passenger seats, which now incorporate high density, soft touch ‘memory’ foam.

In recent years, the pick-up truck has evolved to cover everything from commercial to private and recreational use and there has been considerable diversification in what customers look for in this type of vehicle. The L200 Series 5 embodies the comfort of a passenger car with the functionality, strength and reliability of a pick-up and this is strongly reflected in the vehicle’s styling.

The all-new L200 Series 5 is initially available in double cab, prices start from £19,749 for the 4Life, £20,749 for the Titan, £23,049 for the Warrior and £23,799 for the top of the range Barbarian.

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