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February 2021

Jeep offers brilliant colour range on Wrangler to help lighten drivers’ mood.

Research shows that colour can dramatically lighten your mood. With this in mind the colour range of the Wrangler includes Firecracker red, Punk’n metallic orange, HellaYella yellow and Bikini metallic blue.

Colour psychologist Karen Haller says: “People often think of colour as just a visual stimulus, but it also creates psychological changes, altering how someone feels in an instant.

“It is thought people are only 20 per cent conscious of the colour choices they make, when in reality it influences everything people do – from what people buy and eat to how people relax and most importantly how people feel.”

Red is the colour equivalent to an espresso shot – it will give drivers an instant energy boost. That motivational get up and go! It’s the perfect colour for an active person always looking for the next adventure. Red also helps drivers stand out in a crowd of cars.

Orange is the colour that expresses joy. It speaks to that part of a driver’s personality that loves childlike play and fun even if it’s a bit mischievous. It’s the colour that brings people together to share the joy of friendship and enjoying each other’s company.

Yellow is like being greeted with a big cheery hello! It’s the colour of the sun, lifting our spirits and filling us with happiness and leaving us feeling full of optimism and positivity. Yellow is the most visible colour in daylight so drivers will be more easily spotted on their travels. 

Blue comes up time and again as the world’s favourite colour. Blue conjures up the association of diving into a warm tropical sea. Driving this colour car is like being in your own tropical paradise.

Damien Dally, country manager Jeep UK, said: “Wrangler is an iconic car built to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

“Hopefully it will lead to more of our cars on the roads in HellaYella yellow or Punk’n metallic, which will not only have a positive impact on the driver and their passengers, but also on those who see them driving by.”

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