New BMW 4 Series Coupé – Muscular proportions and stunning aesthetics

Words by:
Tim Barnes-Clay
Featured in:
December 2013

When I took a demonstration model for a drive on Lincolnshire’s roads, the BMW’s dynamic design seemed to radiate authority. And there was no surprise that the 435i six-cylinder version I was in attracted admiring glances throughout the county and, probably, left desire in its wake.
Inside the 4 Series Coupé everything focuses on one person: the driver. All the controls are grouped ergonomically around you, to give you quick, instinctive access to all the functions. You and your front seat passenger also benefit from an automatic seat belt extender. It passes the safety belt from the B-pillar to you as soon as the ignition key has been inserted and the doors closed.

In the rear, headrests incorporated into the seatbacks underscore the sportiness of the Coupé and improve comfort as well as safety. Thanks to the backrest splitting in a 60:40 ratio, various individual configurations are possible for the seating and luggage compartment. For example, there’s room to carry four pairs of skis, while still leaving breathing space for up to four occupants.

An incredibly practical feature is the intelligent boot system. Let me picture this for you: Imagine you’re on a shopping spree, standing behind your BMW with your arms full, and you want to load your bags into the car. The last thing you want to do now is hunt through your pockets for your car key. Now you don’t have to, thanks to the pioneering Comfort Access system with smart-opener. A short, accurate foot movement under the rear bumper is all it takes to activate the sensor and open the boot. It unlocks and then swings open. Of course, access is only allowed when the gadget detects the presence of an authorised car key – clever, eh?

So what’s the new BMW 4 Series Coupé like to drive? Well, on every surface road holding is excellent, without compromising on comfort. Whether you’re on a lively jaunt along a twisty B road or overtaking on a motorway, there are many occasions that demand maximum performance from your vehicle. This is why the BMW has Sport mode. With just one touch of a button the motor reacts more directly and the engine responds even more spontaneously. And that feeling you experience? It’s unadulterated adrenaline.

The optional eight-speed automatic transmission is a must, in my opinion. The fine spacing of the gears permits optimum power build-up. At high speeds the additional gears reduce the revs and hence both the consumption and engine noise.

The new 4 Series Coupé is a very safe car too. A package of intelligent protection measures is specifically aimed at minimising the risk of accidents – and ensuring you are well sheltered at all times.

Needless to say, the Munich based automaker has produced a variety of 4 Series Coupés for you to choose from. The fresh BMW is available in SE, Sport, Modern, Luxury and M Sport guises. You can also opt for additional equipment packages and original BMW accessories. It officially goes on sale in the UK in October, priced from around £31,575. Not cheap, but what do you expect from ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’?

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