Report on the Puppy, Special Puppy recently Veteran and Junior Handler Working Tests at Nocton

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August 2017

We thank Mr and Mrs R Howard for allowing us to hold our competition here and Mr and Mrs M Strawson for sponsoring these tests. Our judges were Laura Marsh, Sue Lowe and Sarah Coomber-Smith. Martin Eveleigh was the Chief Steward.
There were four tests for each of the 23 dogs. Junior handlers did the same tests as the veterans.

For Test 1 a mark was thrown a short distance away onto the track for special puppies. The dummy for the puppies was further away and, for the veterans and Junior Handlers, even further. These latter three groups then returned along the track for a blind that had been put out whilst the dog was returning with the mark.

Test 2 was in sugar beet. For special puppies, it was a short mark. The puppies had a double mark, picking the last dummy down first. The other two groups retrieved the first dummy down first and had to go a greater distance.

Test 3 was a short mark on the grass bank alongside the water. When this was picked, the special puppies were turned to retrieve a dummy thrown into the water. For the other dogs, the mark on the bank was thrown and then the mark in the water. Veterans and Junior Handlers did the same test but the dummies were thrown further away.

For Test 4 each special puppy walked up in sugar beet with the judge and had a mark to the right followed by a mark to the left. The other groups had a two dog walk up. The right hand dog picked a mark to the right and then the left hand dog retrieved a mark to the left. After another short walk up, each dog had a crossing retrieve.

Special Puppy

1st Flossmill Jacksnipe – LDR D handled by Rob Robinson*
2nd Carrickview Bounty of Owmbywold – LDR B handled by Mrs Z Birchall
3rd Harpersbrook Harrier of Serrara – LDR B handled by John Iacono
*awarded the Fleetbank Shield

1st Lowsommer Blacksmiths Rose – LDR B handled by Mrs L Woods**
2nd Lowforge Pebbles at Jollybrow LDR B handled by Mr S Burns
3rd Lochbay Macy at Ferderyn – LDR B handled by Debbie Yates
4th Pigeonman Gunfighter – LDR B handled by Gary Wilson
CoM Diglake de Winter – LDR B handled by David Middleton
CoM Moscargrange Copper – GDR B handled by Anne Crookes
**awarded the Melnola Shield

Junior Handlers
1st Robbie Slingsby running Arkglas Taylor***
2nd Summer Slingsby running Cheweky Feta
3rd Reggie Walker
*** awarded the Marayong Trophy

1st Solgate Lottie of Bellspaddle LDR B handled by Emily Bristow****
2nd Austerby Nutmeg – LDR B handled by Vicki Strawson
3rd Burlinton Bert of Belvedere – LDR D handled by Mrs A Minshall
4th Lowsommer Win a Million – LDR B handled by Sue Lowe
**** awarded the Winston Shield

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