Toyota Avensis Business Edition 2.0L D4D TS 4-door

Words by:
Simon Taylor
Featured in:
May 2016

Toyota know their business. The Avensis – long known as a top notch saloon – in this new edition comes kitted out to the hilt with desirable gear, delivering exclusive comfort for an all-inclusive and temptingly accessible price of £23,155.
Those seeking to buy in today’s market struggle with the pros and cons of this brand or that. From all sides they are assailed by stallholders filling the air with their shouts – all pitching for their pennies. Deafened customers might only be after an honest cucumber but the wily costermonger is keen to off-load a cheap coconut.

That’s why the wise stick to the reputable brand. It’s good business sense to trust the trustworthy. And as we all know, few motoring brands are as dependable as Toyota.

Ultimately what’s important is how you feel about it: a matter of subjectivity. Once you’ve looked the horse in the mouth, measured its fetlocks and gauged its galloping stride it’s still an emotional choice. What would you choose? To fandango with this filly or sashay with that stallion?

But when you assess a car like the Toyota Business Edition you have to ask: “Is this car ‘the business’ or is it not?”

See and be amazed at what you get for your money. Nothing less than a smart, individualistic-looking car. If it were a suit it would be tastefully tailored – certain to please any Prime Minister’s mother.

High levels of creature comfort are of the sort that are so essential to those who need to be cosseted while in pursuit of worldly success. And yet not for one moment does this detract from an essential functionality of purpose. In this Avensis you get luxury without any price-induced anxiety.

Getting down to details, there’s a beefy 141bhp 2.0-litre diesel capable of swift progress through six gears up to 125mph, and claimed to return over 60mpg (expect around 50/55 mpg).

All this ‘go’ in a capacious cabin and huge boot capable of being conveyed along the carriageway with refinement and comfort that is indicative of properly sorted pedigree.

I was keen to see how much class you get for your cash, so I was relieved to note that there was no garish combination of colour and razzmatazz designed to hoodwink the susceptible into thinking it’s Christmas. Instead there’s a calm-inducing functionality inside and out.

Settling into the supportive fabric seats you discover that everything fits like the proverbial glove. Intuitively positioned controls, tactile materials, room to stretch out – make for meritorious accommodation, because business is a serious business. There’s nothing frivolous here, just welcoming, functional relaxation.

‘On the go’ it’s lively enough and such is the hefty torque one cannot deny it speaks of calm serenity – clearly not set up for boy racers but for grown-up motorway men and women. I was smitten by its cruising composure as I let the chassis take charge like a well tonsured host extending gracious benefits with a largesse genuinely bestowed.

On twisty roads a stability control system maintains a mood of calm like the shuffling of a pack of cards at a friendly game of whist. You feel you have the dexterity of a debonair orchestra conductor that turns you into a maestro.

From those comfy seats to up-to-the-minute touch screen connectivity, the mood engendered is a positive one, encouraging you to steer a clear course towards tomorrow.

As a famous mathematician once never wrote: “Business minus pressure equals profit plus pleasure.” A formula Toyota must know well if this Avensis is anything to go by.

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