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Raids, Rallies & Reserves- Book 3 of The Salvaged Summer Trilogy



by Dominique Allen

Blasted Blitz! Freezing winds and no overcoats… and now the Americans were coming!

The village was gearing up to ‘get it done’. The Germans might have brought the Blitz, but the farmers still needed to work on. Never mind the blasted news and the winter winds, the scrawny village errand-boy had his own inimitable way of inspiring action. “Good grief Gertie, I thought you had more sense than that!”

Doug did his best, but his ‘lovely lady’ still managed to plough up the grazing meadow and send a piece skipping the hedge to knock Riggs from his post. The RAF pilot walked away with nothing more than a few scratches and a sandwich, leaving Riggs with two broken legs and a wounded heart… and Gertie’s theory on how they were going to win the war managed to open a few eyes into the bargain!

Matters came to a head with news coming through of Pearl Harbour. Mr Tor went missing down a rum bottle and there were a dozen geese to throttle, pluck and deliver. The best Gertie could do was feed the pigs and drag the delirious farmer along with him. It wasn’t regulation by any stretch of the imagination and by the time they were heading for the hospital they had an electric shock, a broken hand and a case of pneumonia onboard. As for Sarg at the gate wondering about that officer? Gertie could explain everything:

“Oh don’t worry Sarg, he’s just there to stop the others falling out!”

Format: Hardback

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