Report on the Special Puppy, Puppy, Veteran and Junior Handler Working Tests

Raithby, Sunday 15th May 2022.


Special Puppy
1st – Byron May, LDR B, handled by Chris Johnson*
2nd – Claruno Rhodes, LDR B, handled by Jess Burrows
3rd – Rimrock Victory, LDR D, handled by Sara Briggs-Young
4th – Echo Fuzz at Brackreef, LDR D, handled by Katie Capps

1st – Abbottsmere High Flyer, LDR D, handled by Godfrey Lowe**
2nd – Fosterwold Esme, LDR B, handled by Sandra Ellis
The Lincolnshire Shield for Novice Handler was awarded to Max Gresham

1st – Cherry B Lady, LBR B, handled by Penny Marriner***
2nd – Woodfinch Fortissimo, GR B, handled by Paul Williams
3rd – Wold Newton Black Sasha, LDR B, handled by Jane Lidster

Junior Handler
1st – Erin Westby, running Adansonia Heatwave, awarded the Maragong Shield

* Awarded the Fleetbank Shield
** Awarded the Melnola Shield
*** Awarded the Winston Shield

Our thanks to Robert and Alistair Hall-Jones for allowing us to use this lovely ground. There are several areas of different terrain, but we chose the grassland and plough and two large ponds close to the farmyard for our tests.

We also thank Skinner’s Field & Trial for sponsoring our Working Tests.

Paula Cullis and Julie Campbell were our brilliant judges. The handlers appreciated that they took time to advise and suggest training exercises after a test was complete. Our thanks to them and our chief steward, Sue Lowe.

The puppies and special puppies did four tests in the morning and the veterans and junior handler did similar tests in the afternoon. The distances for puppies were greater than those for special puppies. The veteran and junior handler tests were the same and retrieves were longer than in the morning. A starting pistol was used for marks except for special puppies.

Test 1 was a mark and a blind in the same place. The dummy for all the puppies was stood on end so that it could be seen.

Test 2 was a water test with two marks. A memory mark was thrown into grass along the side of the pond to the left of the handler. Special puppies collected a mark in the water first, puppies a mark just over the pond and veterans and junior handler a mark into reeds about 20 yards beyond the pond.

Test 3 was again a water mark and a mark or blind along the edge of the water.

Test 4 was a short walk up for special puppies with two marks. Puppies did a two dog walk up. Two marks were thrown. The right dog picked the mark to the right and the dog on the left the dummy to the left. The dogs changed round and the marks were repeated. It was a mark to the left and a blind to the right for the older dogs.

A run off was needed to decide second and third in the veterans. It was a blind in the trees to the left about 50 yards along a track.

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