The Morgan 3 Wheeler – A symbol of individuality in an era of mass-production

The Morgan 3 Wheeler is a rebellion against sanitised, modern motoring.
The latest version retains the unique and celebrated driving experience that made the original an icon, yet reimagines the technology that underpins it, updating the model to be relevant for the 21st century. The Morgan 3 Wheeler represents ‘no frills all thrills’ motoring with attitude and character. By modern day comparison, the Morgan 3 Wheeler would not be a first choice for long distance travel, yet it exudes a remarkable sense of adventure that compels owners to regularly embark on road trips across countries and even continents.

The experience of driving a Morgan 3 Wheeler is incomparable by modern automotive standards. It features a tubular steel ‘space frame’ chassis, a hand crafted ash wood frame and aluminium body panels which ensure it remains lightweight.

Its centrepiece is a 1998cc S&S V-Twin engine which helps to propel the 3 Wheeler from 0-62 in 6 seconds. A conventional 5-speed transmission enables an easy ‘get in and drive’ experience, ensuring the model is more accessible than the original examples. Weighing just over 500kg, the lightweight 3 Wheeler is agile and nimble.

Lift the safety catch of the ‘bomb release’ starter button, hear the twin-cylinders roar. Drive away, whether you turn left or right isn’t important. The journey, not the destination matters, and every journey in a Morgan 3 Wheeler is
an unforgettable adventure.

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