Toyota Camry Review

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September 2019

The Toyota Camry is a bit of a legend – 19 million have been made and sold since 1982.

It’s been away from the UK for 15 years, though – and we’ve missed it. Toyota’s also missed selling it here, so the Camry’s finally coming back – and this time it’s in hybrid guise.

The Japanese motor-maker reckons the Camry’s petrol-electric powertrain and attractive styling make it the ‘right vehicle at the right time’ to return to these shores.

The £29,995 price-tag on the basic model seems less of an issue when you realise how inexpensive it will be to run. Depending on the way you drive and where you drive, the Toyota’s ability to manage short distances on electricity only could save you forking out at the pumps.

It’s stress-free to drive, with agreeable visibility and light steering. Whisk things up, and there’s enough pull from the Camry’s 218PS that you seldom need to go full throttle.

There’s no dodging the fact that the latest Camry is going to appeal to taxi firms and private hire businesses. But that’s no bad thing – it’s roomy enough for five adults and, at 524 litres, the boot is large.

You will be pleased by the factory-fitted equipment, there’s lots of it – and only two trims to go for. The ‘Design’ version retails for £29,995, and the top ‘Excel’ model will reduce your bank account by another £1,300.

The Design has dual-zone climate control, heated front seats, keyless entry and LED lights. It also comes with 17-inch alloys.

Progress to the Camry Excel, as test-driven at the model’s media launch in Croatia, and you will find LED fog lamps, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, a Blind Spot Monitor and wireless phone charging.

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