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We all spent 2020 working hard in the garden, creating veggie plots and luscious lawns, neatly trimmed shrubs and spotless patios. So in 2021 it’s time to enjoy your outside space, playing a bit with colours and design themes – let’s make your garden different to your neighbours’, reflecting your personal interests and style.

Downtown Garden Centre has created dreamy style themes to get your creative juices flowing – so whether you want to reflect an exciting North African holiday, your love of contemporary style with its focus on balanced forms and abstract shapes, or your passion for the glorious Edwardian heyday of English garden design, they have some beautiful garden furniture and accessories to inspire you.

This year, get the exotic Moroccan look…
Use a Moroccan theme in your garden to create a colourfully exotic and dramatically welcoming space, perfect for entertaining on warm summer evenings.

Your cheat sheet to nailing Moroccan decor: jewel tones, patterned pillows, lots of greenery, and a mix of textures and fabrics. Moroccan decor never shies away from bold prints and colours – in fact, these are the top identifying features.

Sumptuous, patterned rugs are another benchmark of Moroccan decor, but don’t stop at one when you could have three. Layer rugs of varying textures, patterns, and colours for a cool, eclectic, Moroccan vibe.

Metal lamps are another classic element seen in Morocco. Whether they’re traditional lanterns or solar powered, they will let pinpoints of light shine through. Moroccan lamps bring a sense of magic to your outdoor space along with patterned pillows, natural woven baskets with planting, blankets, terracotta tiles and a strong, painted wall, to bring it all together.

What about reflecting your travels with Boho?
Bohemian, or Boho, decorating is for those who love life, culture and interesting items.

This aesthetic embraces the carefree, relaxed and the unusual. Your Boho garden is rule-breaking, personal and exotic, inspired by the unconventional life of travellers, actors and writers. The Bohemian style mirrors that life, by combining objects, colours and patterns from many areas of the world.

While there are no rules when it comes to Bohemian decorating, warm earthy colours are common; think deep browns, greens and greys for base colours, and then accessorise with cushions in saturated purple, fiery orange and electric blue. Combining and layering colours and texture is what makes this style unique. Create an outdoor oasis with a Boho vibe surrounded by lush palms, ivy, potted succulents and bamboo hung with string lights – a stunning firepit completes a cosy, globally-inspired hangout.

How very traditional – the English Country Garden
Enjoying afternoon tea on china whilst sitting on a manicured lawn is the epitome of an English country garden. To create the look in your space requires a degree of neatness, with a striped lawn, clipped hedging, lavender and roses.

Enhance the outdoor dining experience with ironed table linen and cut flowers in shabby chic vases, a herb posy in a jug and a faded, floral cushion on your sun lounger. Lines of terracotta plant pots with seedlings waiting to be watered and an elegant bird bath set the scene.

Prefer a contemporary feel? Look to the Roof Top
Crisp, contemporary and sleek, the Roof Top look brings Californian chic outdoor living to your garden.

Less is more in this space, in order to create a focus for your effortlessly sophisticated and luxurious furnishings, which should sit on beautifully aligned porcelain pavers or polished concrete. Planting should be clipped and kept to a minimal palette, forming a sharp frame around the patio, paths and manicured lawn.

Glass, steel and dark teak are key textures with illumination supplied by discreet solar lighting. The colours are kept to a minimum – white, black and shades of grey – which serve to offset the deep blue sky and azure water features. An infinity pool with poolside bar is the ultimate finishing touch, as is the popping of a champagne cork and clink of wine glasses.

Visit Downtown Grantham Garden Centre for a truly inspirational choice, and the East Midlands’ biggest range of garden furniture, building, BBQs and garden machinery – just off the A1 Grantham NG32 2AB

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