BBQ sausage summer salad


4 sausages – thinly sliced
1 large bag of mixed salad leaves
2 packets of fresh mozzarella – torn
3 fresh plum tomatoes – thickly sliced
1 packet (roughly 15) mixed colour baby tomatoes
2 or 3 stalks of fresh basil – torn
Roughly 2 teaspoons fresh oregano (or 1 teaspoon dried)
2 avocados – peeled and sliced into thick wedges
Salt and pepper
Extra-virgin olive oil
Balsamic vinegar

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July 2020

Summer is finally in full swing and now that the lockdown is being eased a little more, we can thankfully spend time in the garden and open spaces with loved ones. Eating alfresco has always seemed such a wonderfully Mediterranean conceit; the warm evenings, late dinner on a veranda beneath a scented fig tree whilst the sounds of the waves crash against the shore. A cool glass of rosé in one hand and a prosciutto and oregano scented crushed tomato bruschetta in the other. The British version of this used to involve a warm can of lager and a raw-on-the-inside-but-burnt-on-the-outside chicken drumstick whilst we dashed inside from the rain – but I feel we have evolved slightly when it comes to eating outdoors.

One of things I think we still struggle with is an interesting array of salads. To me the salad is as much the main event as the meat. It can in fact be a meal in itself and so I thought I’d share four of my favourite salads. They’re mostly quick and easy to make, although one or two need a little time but believe me it will be worth it.

Once you have your BBQ in full swing, place a large sheet of foil onto the grill, lay out your cut sausages and let them gently cook in a little drizzled olive oil. The smoke from the BBQ will give them a wonderful flavour that will really enhance your salad.

How you present your salad is up to you… You can lay the bag of salad down first and then lay the slices of tomato out and place the other ingredients on top but to be honest I like to throw all the ingredients into a large shallow salad bowl and mix together, then season excessively with salt and pepper and extra fresh herbs, then drizzle plenty of olive oil on top, a few dashes of balsamic and get stuck in!

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