Cod fillet with broccoli, peas and caviar


1.2kg cod fillet, skinned and pinned
500g purple sprouting broccoli
2 heads of broccoli
500g fresh peas or frozen
1 pot of caviar suited to your budget

Pea shoots

Frying pan
Small pans
Ice bath

Featured in:
November 2019

Blanch the purple sprouting broccoli in boiling salted water for approx 2 minutes.

Remove and immediately plunge into the ice bath. Once cool remove from the water and pat dry.

Repeat this with the normal broccoli florets and 300g peas.

Remove the broccoli and peas from the water, place into the blender and begin to blend.

Add ice cubes to bring the puree to the required consistency, this will help retain the colour and flavour.

For the fish bring a fresh pan of salted water to approximately 60°C. You can best achieve this by using an oven probe in the water or a laser probe.

Once the temperature has been reached place the fillets in and leave for 10 minutes – think of it as a hot tub.

Remove carefully and leave to drain off any excess water.

Arrange on a plate and spread the caviar over the fish to create a ‘crust’

Serve with the remaining whole peas and broccoli lightly sautéed in a knob of butter and salt.

Pro tip – add almonds for a classic crunch or get seasonal by adding different fresh green vegetables, things such as wild garlic would be excellent.

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